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The startup ecosystem of Ida-Viru: looking back and forward


Startup Estonia implemented a three-year pilot program in Ida-Viru County aimed at creating a favorable environment for the development of startups in the region. The program involved 23 organizations and attracted nearly 21,000 participants. Significant interest and the registration of 14 new startups indicate the region’s potential. The follow-up project for the years 2022-2025 focuses on sustaining the entrepreneurial environment in Ida-Virumaa, aiming to create more new startups and promote collaboration with the creative industries sector.


The aim of the study is to gather necessary input regarding the current state and challenges of the Ida-Viru startup ecosystem, which could be used for planning future ecosystem development activities. Evaluation of the impact and quality of the project activities since 2019.


The work will involve using multiple data collection and analysis methods. Document analysis will help assess the impact and quality of the previous pilot project, providing input for evaluating the current status and future development opportunities of the Ida-Viru startup ecosystem. Surveys will assess the awareness and readiness of Ida-Viru residents for entrepreneurship, and analyze the views of participants in events organized by startup support organizations on the Ida-Viru startup ecosystem. Focus group interviews will be conducted with providers of all types of services (such as incubators, accelerators, coworking spaces, and event/conference organizers) as well as representatives of startups operating in various sectors.


The results of the study will help to understand the current situation and challenges in the Ida-Viru startup ecosystem and provide input for planning and improving future development activities and projects.

Project contracting authority: Estonian Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications
Project implementer: LevelLab
10/2023 ‍– 03/2024