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Our story

LevelLab is a company founded in 2018, primarily engaged in conducting applied research and analysis.

Our goal is to provide high-quality analysis and evaluation results that support the development of organizations and employees, as well as the implementation of policies.

Our team consists of professionals with extensive practical experience in their respective fields, as well as academic backgrounds. We use research-based and reliable analysis methods.

We have a broad network of collaboration with several research firms and many analysts and domain experts whom we involve according to the research topic and task.

Our clients include organizations from both the private and public sectors, to whom we offer various research, evaluation, and analysis services. In addition, we provide consultations and training based on research results.

LevelLab’s main areas of activity are:

  • Independent studies on policy measure evaluations
  • Practical solutions in organizational personnel development
  • Business analytics that enhance the organization’s digital capabilities