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We provide analysis and evaluation services to private and public sector organizations.


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Impact Assessment

We carry out impact assessments of strategies, policies and projects as well as pre-, mid-term, and post- evaluations of project activities. We analyze the European Union´s cohesion policy and its impact.
We give support to evidence-based decision making.

Business Analysis

As a result of business analysis, we bring IT management and ICT solutions in line with the company’s business process. We specialize in increasing companies’ digital capacity.

Staff Surveys

Staff surveys provide organizations with the information of their employees’ needs. competence of and expectations. As a return, organizations receive the right overview for the development of the organization.

Consulting and Training

We provide research-based trainings and consultations, and we consult how to implement findings. We plan and carry out tailor-made practical trainings.

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Our story

LevelLab was founded in 2018 and is mainly engaged – in conducting applied research and analysis.

Our goal is to provide high-quality analysis and evaluation results that support the development of organizations and its employees, as well as the implementation of policies.

Our team consists of professionals with previous proven long-term experience in their field, whom all have an academic background. We use science-based and reliable analysis methods.

We have a wide network of co-operation with several other research companies and many analysts and field experts, whom we involve into our projects depending on the research topic and client.

Our clients are private and public sector organizations, for whom we offer various research, evaluation, and analysis services. Additionally, we offer consultations and trainings, based on previous research results.

The main activities of LevelLab are:

    • Evaluation policies based on independent studies
    • Applied solutions to organizational staff development
    • Business analysis that enhances the organization’s digital capabilities

“LevelLab has been our partner and a consultant with several IT and software development projects. The project, I would like highlight most, is when Levellab analyzed the information systems of our companies. With an analytical view and a fresh take, they quickly were able to map the situation and presented a meticulous vision to move forward. It set us off with a very good basis for planning IT developments.”

Andrus Rõigas, Member of the Management Board of GoTravel AS

“We have been working with with LevelLab already for several years and have jointly carried out several applied research and evaluation projects. The co-operation has only been outstanding, all agreements between us have been honored and complex situations have been resolved smoothly – to a point we have forgotten that we are working in different teams and in different organisations – the team spirit is kept in high regard!

LevelLab is a professional and reliable partner who offers high-quality work, is proactive, solution-oriented – therefore, in our opinion – a highly valued partner.”

Merit Tatar, Member of the Board, Baltic Research Institute

“At the request of the Ministry of Finance and the State Support Services Center (RTK), LevelLab led the preparation of an analysis and forecast of the competence-based training needs of local government officials until 2030. The project team consisted of experts from several organizations. LevelLab managed this process smoothly, proactively involving the customer’s representatives and acted flexibly and taking into account the customer’s expectations throughout the processes. ”

Ave Viks, Adviser in the Local Government Policy Department of the Ministry of Finance

A selection of our works so far

The Implementation Analysis of the Vocational System 

Evaluation of the Performance of ProgeTiiger Program Activities

Evaluation of the Achievement of the Target Levels of the Performance Indicators of the Estonian-Latvian Program 2014-2020

Hansavest Personnel and Customer Survey 

Creating Scenarios for the Future of Data Society

Updating the Competency Model of Middle Managers in the Public Service

Festival Survey

Economic Research of Ülemiste City

The Analysis and Reporting of Social Protection Costs of Local Governments

Estonian Management Research 2021

Evaluation of the Effectiveness and Impact of the Institutional Development Program for Research and Development Institutions and Higher Education Institutions (ASTRA)

The Youth Guarantee Support System (YGSS)

Methodology and Analysis of Local Government Competency-Based Training Needs Assessment

The Mid-term Evaluation of the Priority Axis “Administrative Capacity”

AS GoTravel Business Analysis

The Mid-term Evaluation for the European Union Operational Programme for Cohesion Policy Funding 2014-2020

Peer Review of the Estonian R&I system

Our Team

Ms Merle Raun (Tambur), PhD

Co-Founder, CEO


Ms Delis Lauringson, BA



Mr Tauno Õunapuu, MSc

Co-Founder, CTO


Ms Merle Raun (Tambur), PhD

I am LevelLab’s co-founder and CEO. In addition to the general management of the company, I am also responsible for research planning, staff and employee surveys and business analyzes.

For many years I have worked as a lecturer, consultant, and trainer, focussing on organizational culture related issues and work environment: staff conflict management, prevention of workplace bullying and psychosocial risk factors, workplace emotion management and creating a positive work environment. I firmly believe that good relationship between employees and a healthy working climate build are paramount and are pillars of a successful company.

I graduated from the University of Tartu in 2015 with PhD in Faculty of Economics.

Mr Tauno Õunapuu, MSc

I am LevelLab’s co-founder and the development manager. I focus on the management of evaluation projects, software and technology development and quantitative analysis.

I have over 10 years of experience as an executive director of a private university. Concurrently I have in-depth knowledge in both business and education sectors. My years working as a lecturer, my focus has been on the areas of research methodology and data analysis, and in my research on employability and the smart cities.

I graduated from the University of Tartu in 1994 with a master’s degree in Computer Science.


Ms Greete Vint, BA

I am LevelLab’s office manager and I also deal with the company’s social media, marketing, recruitment, project management and take part in conducting research. In June 2022, I graduated from Tallinn University of Technology where I studied business and management and gained bachelor’s degree in social sciences. I have work experience since 2018 in alimentation, hospitality industry and marketing. In summer 2021 I completed an internship in Tallinn Airport where I got to complete various dasks. I have cooperated with LevelLab since spring 2022.

Ms Delis Lauringson, BA

I am LevelLab’s analyst and I am involved in organizing, preparing and conducting research. In June of 2021, I completed my bachelor’s studies at Tallinn University of Technology, majoring in public administration and political science. At the moment, I am studying analysis of society and information processes at the University of Tartu. In the past, I have prepared research for the public sector and I have work experience in the marketing field as well.



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