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Assessment of Training Needs for Local Government Officials and Employees


The aim of the study was to enhance the methodology for assessing the training needs of local government officials and employees, and to conduct an analysis of training needs, including proposals for addressing issues in the development of local government personnel over the next 5-10 years.


2015. In 2015, a pilot study was conducted to map the competencies of local government officials and employees and assess training needs, during which a competency model was developed. The updated and enhanced competency model developed as part of this study consists of three competency groups: general competencies, general competencies in local government management, and sector-specific professional competencies.

The increasing flexibility in working hours and the use of telecommuting necessitate the development of ICT skills, while also increasing the need to enhance employees’ communication and collaboration skills.
The projected training budget for local government authority institutions collectively until 2030 is 24 million euros. This constitutes approximately 1.7% of the total local government employee salary fund.

There is a need for a central training coordination system to be established for the development of local government employees, aiming to coordinate training activities in key priority areas within local governments.

The methods used in the study: surveys, interviews, focus groups, document analysis, and expert panels.

Project ordering institutions: Ministry of Finance and Riigi Tugiteenuste Keskus
Project implementers: LevelLab (lead partner), Baltic Research Institute, and Geomedia
Duration: 09/2020 ‍– 04/2021