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Staff  Surveys

Staff surveys provide organizations with the information of their employees’ needs. competence of and expectations. As a return, organizations receive the right overview for the development of the organization.

The LevelLab team has previous long-term experience in research. For personnel surveys, we use both quantitative and qualitative analysis methods: Staff surveys, focus group interviews and workshops. We are there for our clients from projects’ A to Z: Preparation, execution, and follow-upl.

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Employee job satisfaction and commitment survey

This study helps to construct an employee-friendly work environment, reduce staff turnover time and increase the company’s economic success. In order to increase employee commitment and satisfaction, it is foremost important to know what employees really need and consider important. The success of the study requires a thorough preparation, target, professional and modern implementation and thorough follow-up. We help in all of these stages and find the best approach for the organization.

Customer satisfaction survey

Surveys provide valuable feedback on the company’s products or services from the customer’s point of view – which counts the most! The results of the satisfaction study will help to make changes, make choices, and strengthen the competitiveness in the market.
We help pinpointing how customers perceive the features of the products or services, whether they satisfy them, what are their expectations, and what could be the reasons for their dissatisfaction or preference to a competitor.

Employability assessment

This type of assessment is new yet a rising trend in the business management. Competences are the knowledge, skills and attitudes that are necessary to be successful and effective at work. For a company to be competitive – the competencies of its employees need to be in line with the strategic goals of the organization.
The research results would be a practical tool for the manager, helping to better relate the employees’ strengths and development aspirations, and assess the company’s competitiveness in its field of activity and scope out the need for trainings.

360º Feedback Survey

With the 360º feedback survey, an employee receives feedback on work-related competencies from a number of different sources. The evaluators are usually the people who work the closest with the employee: a line manager, subordinates, colleagues, co-operation partners, customers.

Additionally, the employees evaluate themselves. 360º feedback is most often conducted among managers, but this method is increasingly used in the development of all employees.
The study is a good tool for talent management, as well as a method for nurturing future talent and is also great for evaluating practice. The survey provides a thorough feedback on how an employee is perceived in the organization, what their strengths are and what competencies could be developed. The results findings can be put in practical use both in the employee’s individual development plan and in mapping the training and development needs of the organization. We also offer consultation or coaching in implementing the results of the study and supporting individual development.

Work environment assessment

This survey shows how employees perceive the work environment of their organization and their well-being safety at workplace. The study identifies possible hidden problems and highlights the necessary changes to ensure the work environment is safe and compliant in all respects.
We assess the risks to the employee’s health arising from their physical and psychosocial risk factors of the workplace environment. The survey shows whether employees feel respected, whether the information flow is well-managed and organized, how conflicts are handled and whether there is any workplace bullying at work, amongst some other findings.
The assessment of the workplace environment and the performance of risk analysis reveal the main concerns of employees, which helps to address or to prevent work stress, bullying and increase employee motivation and job satisfaction.

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